Body Rapport

As you sit there staring at your screen and rubbing your eyes your brain is saying “take five, get some more coffee or another mountain dew”.

But the director (your body) is telling you what you really need – lose the unhealthy weight, move, give me some real fuel, and recognize me as more than an under-appreciated bit player in your life.

At some point, we stop recognizing our body as a major contributor to our success.

You could say we lose rapport with it. As a result, we disconnect from one of our greatest allies.

Rapport is to “Know, Like, and Trust”.

The ramifications of not listening to and losing rapport with your body are extremely far-reaching.

Candice Pert wrote – “Our Body Is Our Unconscious Mind.”

If that’s true, then what kind of message are you sending your unconscious when you eat crap, don’t get enough sleep, fuel on caffeine and sugar, and are sedentary most of the time?

It isn’t good I can tell you that.

Another role your body plays is on a much deeper level.

Your body influences your state, your mood, your attitude, and ultimately your thoughts, actions, and your results.

It starts with your posture.

Change your posture and you can change your results.

Stand up tall and strong and be noticed…be you.