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It’s Really ABOUT YOU! We Believe There’s a Hero In You.

It might be temporarily invisible to others but it’s essential to who you are and your unique one of kind brilliance.

Even if you don’t fully recognize it yet… you are destined for something amazing. At High Achievers University we believe you have something unique, something special.

We know you have greatness in you.

We also understand how frustrating and discouraging it is to feel like you’re being held back by something you can’t see, hear, or touch… something below the surface.  We’ve been there.

We Understand Your Frustration and Your Pain.

We asked ourselves the same questions you might ask:

“Why do others seem so happy, fulfilled, and successful while I feel stuck and unaccomplished?”

 “Are they more talented – smarter – more gifted?”

The conclusion we came to was – “NO, they’re not!”

So what is it then?

The answer to that question can only be found through the process of self discovery. Learning how to be happy is part of that process. Discovering “self” along with the power, the genius, and the invisible in you requires self development.

Every Hero Needs an Experienced Guide

We seek to achieve those objectives by providing the most comprehensive science-based tools and trainings and heart-centered inspiration available.

Although the self discovery path is infinite - there are several categories of self development that will facilitate the journey while serving you in the real world.

  1. They contribute to your individual growth
  2. They help you realize your own intrinsic value and...
  3. They allow the people around you to see the real you

Mindset: Your mindset is comprised of your basic beliefs, values, and pre-conceived expectations. They can determine your thoughts, your actions, your attitudes, and ultimately our results. If your predominant mindset does not serve you or is in some way dis-empowering - you have the power to change it. In the DIY Self Improvement Tool Box there are several programs by some of the top mindset trainers and coaches in the world to choose from.

Achievement: As human beings we are programmed by nature to pursue and achieve objectives. Ambition is innate. If your level of passion, desire or ambition has been suppressed it may need a reboot. Within the Achievement category of the DIY Self Improvement Tool Box there are several books, tools and trainings to choose from.

We would recommend starting with a FREE copy of The High Achievers Only audio. [Coming to HAU soon]

For a more advanced training try the Goal Juice - Where Vision & Action Collide

Health and Fitness: At HAU, we believe the mind and the body are one. Having rapport with your body is having rapport with yourself. That is to “know like and trust yourself.” Striving for mental and emotional clarity, power, and stability will be an uphill battle without the full support of your body. When the cells of your body are strong and healthy it creates a clear path for emotional intelligence and a powerful mind. Within the DIY Self Improvement Tool Box there are several transformational tools and trainings for developing rapport with your body.

You can start with our FREE Body Rapport Audio. [Coming soon]

We would also recommend the powerful Max Mind Lean Body Solution for melding Mind and Body for extraordinary results.

Money and Finance: “Money is the root of all evil!” – “Money can’t buy happiness!” – “Money doesn’t grow on trees! ” We’ve heard it all. The problem is many of us still believe all the negative things we’ve heard or experienced around money. On an unconscious level we attract less because we are fearful of attracting more. Or we don’t feel worthy of more. There is no better way to attract financial abundance then to dispel the negative forces around it. At HAU we’ve come to understand that ignorance is the enemy when it comes to the development of wealth. There are some simple rules and a very specific mindset around money that those who attract abundance poses. Search the Money and Finance category of the DIY Self Improvement Tool Box - what you need will present itself.

Confidence: The ability to face and handle any situation with self-assurance and confidence is the key to opening the doors to success. Once you fully recognize and accept your unique and authentic core value, your inner confidence will naturally soar. Part of the HAU mission is to help you quickly achieve that level of self-acceptance.  The first step is understanding what challenges your confidence and in what areas of your life. Within the DIY Self Improvement Tool Box there are several powerful tools and mindset strategies that will convert even the shakiest ground into a solid cement surface.

We would recommend starting with Winning the Inner Game of Confidence

Influence and Persuasion: Influence is not the ability to control or manipulate others for your own gain. The power of persuasion and the mastery of influence is the ability to move others towards a mutually beneficial action. "The art of getting what you want" while creating a win/win in all your business, social, and relationship interactions and desired outcomes is a necessary skill for success.  Within the DIY Self Improvement Tool Box there you'll find several tools and trainings from some of the top persuasion experts in the world.

Relationships: If there is one singular element necessary for success and happiness it is relationships. At some point in our lives - business, fatherhood, motherhood, mentor/student, athlete/coach, pupal/teacher and even love may all be necessary relationships. Understanding the different working dynamics within those relationship is the key to a mutually rewarding outcome at the highest level. If your relationships have struggled in the past there is a very good reason. Learning to understand yourself, your history, your filters and and your interaction skills will shed new light on why. Search the Relationship category of the DIY Self Improvement Tool Box - what you need will present itself.

Spirituality: We hear about "Transcendence" – but what does it really mean? Is it like moving out of the basement into a high-rise loft? Or like rising above financial struggle into wealth and abundance? Or is it understanding and embracing the possibility that there is more than just our flesh, our possessions and our earth bound desires. At HAU, we believe each and every one of us has a "higher self" and that we are all spiritually connected.  Learning to access your higher spiritual self will broaden your horizons and provide access to unlimited resources and extraordinary energy. In the DIY Self Improvement Tool Box you'll find several programs by some of the top spiritual teachers trainers and coaches in the world.

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