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Tools For The Development of Real Life Self Made Heroes

"There is so much power inside you that if you were to unleash
it all at once it would be astonishing."    -
Tom Terwilliger

Persistence Overcomes Resistance

There are no words that are as great and powerful as the words, "I AM."

There is strength, conviction, depth, solidarity, decision, focus, confidence, and sheer determination in the loud, ringing tone which punctuates their delivery.

The words “I AM” send an advance message to your mind and to those within earshot. It’s a message of triumph over adversity, of victory in the face of great resistance, of the strength, will, and the personal constitution to PERSEVERE UNTIL THE END.

“The hero’s journey can take place on a battlefield or in a cubicle. We can live it out amid public clamor or in the soundless vault between our ears. The demons we are dueling are always the same. They are our own fears of becoming who we are. No one who has ever lived—or ever will—has a journey like ours. And yet our journey is universal. It is every woman’s and every man’s.” –Steven Pressfield

You Can Be a Real Life Self Made HERO

  • The 1st step in becoming a Real Life Self Made Hero is finding the MOTIVATION.

It's possible you have all the motivation you need already inside you. If you've ever been turned down for a job, rejected by a mate, disappointed in your performance, frustrated with a lack of achievement or compelled to do, be, or experience more... you have the motivation.

  • The 2nd step in you becoming a Real Life Self Made Hero is the decision to take back your life from mediocrity.


  • The 3rd step in becoming a Real Life Self Made Hero is finding the right TRAINING.

Every Hero Needs an Experienced Guide

Our Mission - Foster the development of self  (I'm talking about you).

By promoting strategies to increase healthspan, well-being, cognitive and physical performance through deeper understandings of biology and psychology.

Our Goal - You becoming the hero of your own life and ultimately, a guide to others.

We achieve those objectives by providing the most comprehensive tools and trainings and inspiration available.

(Not to mention, jet packs, capes, utility belts, masks, anti-kryptonite spray and more.)

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