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Comeback Strong Summit

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What If This Disruption Was Actually A Portal To A Bigger, Better You?

Get an over-the-shoulder look at how some of the world’s leading entrepreneurs, coaches, trainers, and creators have COMEBACK STRONGER from the most devastating setbacks you can imagine.

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Oct 5-10 | 2020

Summit Week

We’re Changing The Conversation From Uncertainty and Confusion to Hope, Courage, and Determination

COMEBACK STRONG Summit is the first online conference dedicated
exclusively to the financial, emotional, and physical RECOVERY of those
struggling to comeback from the “Pandemic Disruption.”

The Mission of the COMEBACK STRONG Summit is to provide inspiration
as well as the tools, rules, and strategies needed to get beyond this
disruption and get back into action in the pursuit of bigger dreams,
goals, and ambitions.

We are Passionate About Improving Lives and Changing The Conversation.


“I’ve failed more times than I can remember. I used to keep a plaque on my wall and every time I failed BIG at something I would a star to remind me of how close I was getting to success.”

Dr. Robert Goldman

7th Degree Black Belt

2 Medical Doctorates

Medical Industry Leader


“I was my own biggest obstacle. I just didn’t believe I was good enough. I would look at the guys I was competing against and feel like a little kid who hadn’t earned the right to be there. At the World Gymnastic Championships, I needed to place in the top 12 to be considered for the team. I finished 13th and was completely devastated.”

Mitch Gaylord

Olympic Gold Medal Gymnastics


If You Have Been feeling challenged, frustrated, or fed-up these past few months…

After attending the virtual COMEBACK STRONG Summit, you’ll walk away with a new mindset, unshakeable determination, and the tools, rules, and strategies to see this disruption for what it is…

…An opportunity to comeback stronger than ever before along with the renewed ability to serve others at a much higher level.

The COMEBACK STRONG Summit | Tom Terwilliger | High Achievers University

…Then this extraordinary Event is a must attend for you

22+ of the world’s leading experts who have had their lives turned upside down reveal their inspiring COMEBACK Stories



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The COMEBACK STRONG Summit speakers are recognized as the top coaches, trainers, athletes, and thought leaders in the world. Their unique stories have two things in common:


Each one of them have been knocked down, beat up, and mentally, emotionally, and financially taken to the mat.


They all found themselves the ability to get back up, keep fighting, and COMEBACK stronger than ever.

You have the same ability and once you understand how they did it, you can do it too.

What You’ll Learn on the COMEBACK STRONG Summit

How  a Navy Seal inspired this Summit Speaker to prepare for battle.How to tap into technology to monitor, measure and improve your chances of thriving during times of stress and adversity.Learn the path of this Summit Speaker’s realization that being the “Black Sheep” of the family isn’t so bad after all.Discover a unique 10 step process for assuring a powerful mind-body comebackShare the journey of this Summit Speaker as they reveal how to quickly adapt to an alien and extremely hostile environment.And, so much more…

Event Experts

Meet the forward looking doctors, provocative thinkers, and
paradigm shifters

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Dr. Bob Goldman

Super High Achiever

+ Read Bio & Summit Topics

Danny Baldwin

Actor & Entrepreneur

+ Read Bio & Summit Topics

Mitch Gaylord

Olympic Gold Medalist

+ Read Bio & Summit Topics

Cynthia Garcia

Transformational Nutritionist

+ Read Bio & Summit Topics

Dr. Mickra Hamilton

Dr. Dan Stickler

Human Systems Designers

Dawn Terwilliger

Psychological Kinesiologist

+ Read Bio & Summit Topics

James Arthur Ray

Bersabeh Ray

Empowerment Coach & Author

David Lyons

Executive TV Producer

+ Read Bio & Summit Topics

Craig Ballantyne

Business Coach & Author

+ Read Bio & Summit Topics

Jerry Gladstone

Success Coach & Author

+ Read Bio & Summit Topics

Ali Katz

Money Strategist & Lawyer

+ Read Bio & Summit Topics

Charles Rosa

UFC Fighter

+ Read Bio & Summit Topics

Chris Brogan

Business Story Coach & Author

+ Read Bio & Summit Topics

John Rowley

Entrepreneur & Author

+ Read Bio & Summit Topics

Dr. Debra Rouse

Holistic Practitioner & Author

+ Read Bio & Summit Topics

Mitch Axelrod

Business Coach & Speaker

+ Read Bio & Summit Topics

Francisca Figueroa Mix

Somatic Psychotherapy

+ Read Bio & Summit Topics

Dan Kuschell

Business Growth Coach

+ Read Bio & Summit Topics

Bree Argetsinger

Fitness Influencer

+ Read Bio & Summit Topics

Jason Sisneros

Business Architect

+ Read Bio & Summit Topics

Brett Davis

Podcaster & Radio Host

+ Read Bio & Summit Topics

Tom Terwilliger

COMEBACK Summit Host

+ Read Bio & Summit Topics

With Your Help…We’re Going The Extra Mile


of all COMEBACK STRONG proceeds are going directly to The National Suicide Prevention Lifeline.

Suicide is the 10th leading cause of death in the United States.

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The COMEBACK STRONG Summit | Tom Terwilliger | High Achievers University

Discover that you have what it takes to do more than just survive…

OCT 5-10, 2020
OCT 5-10, 2020

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