Meet The Host

Tom Terwilliger

Speaker, Coach, 2x #1 Best Selling Author, Mr. America

Tom knows what its liked to be at the bottom and COMEBACK STRONG.

He went from high school drop-out and dirt bag outlaw biker to Mr. America, Fox Sports Net TV show host, entrepreneur, 2x #1 best selling author, received Health and Fitness Lifetime Achievement Award, and The COMEBACK STRONG Summit creator and host.

His passions are grounded in practicing and advocating the benefits of exercise and peak performance living.

Tom Terwilliger | Comeback Strong Summit | High Achievers University
The Comeback Plan | A Bulletproof Plan For Growth and Prosperity | Tom Terwilliger

“At first, we just wanted to support our online friends during the disruption and help them get past the fear, doubt, and uncertainty we were all experiencing.  We started with a simple idea, provide a guide to help people create and focus on a more compelling and certain future.”

That guide turned into The Sever Step COMEBACK Plan and it took off like wildfire.

The mission of the COMEBACK STRONG Summit is an extension of that objective - to provide inspiration along with the tools, rules, and strategies to get beyond this disruption and get back into action in the pursuit of your biggest dreams, goals, and ambitions.

"Elevate others and you elevate yourself."

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Meet The Speakers

The Comeback Strong Summit | Robert Goldman | High Achievers University

Dr. Robert Goldman

Super High Achiever

If you studied Dr. Robert Goldman’s full resume you simply would not believe it was for real: 6th degree Black Belt in Shotokan Karate and 7th Degree Black Belt in Tang Soo Do, Chinese weapons expert, world champion athlete with over 20 world strength records, and has been listed in the Guinness Book of World Records. In addition to his athletic accolades, he holds two Physician & Surgeon Medical Degrees, two Medical Doctorates and holds countless medical patents for devices that have saved countless lives.

Dr. Goldman talks about “failure” from the perspective of success...

The Comeback Strong Summit | Danny Baldwin | High Achievers University

Danny Baldwin

Actor & Entrepreneur

Countless movie roles, a hit TV show, and Hollywood ruckus-maker actor, Danny has been to the top and has plummeted to the bottom on more than one occasion. The second oldest of the four Baldwin brothers - all of whom pursued successful acting careers - Danny is perhaps most notorious for his challenges with drug addiction, reckless behavior, and run-ins with the law.

Today, he’s on a mission to honor someone who didn’t make it out alive and to keep others from following in his friend's footsteps.

Mitch Gaylord | Comeback Strong Summit | High Achievers University

Mitch Gaylord

Olympic Gold Medalist

In the 1984 Summer Olympic Games, Mitch become the first American gymnast to score a perfect 10 in the Olympics. In addition to his individual accomplishments, he also led the US men's gymnastics team to a gold medal in the team competition for the first and only time in Olympic history.

But Mitch’s dreams and aspirations came close to never being realized. Insecurities, self-doubt and feelings of unworthiness plagued is early career and all but derailed his best efforts. How he overcame those doubts to become an extraordinary champion is the stuff of legends.

Cynthia Garcia | Comeback Strong Summit | High Achievers University

Cynthia Garcia

Transformational Nutritionist

By the time Cynthia was 8 years old she had been abused, neglected, and blueprinted with a negative “can’t succeed” mindset that became her life story. That belief later manifested into life threatening mental and physical illness. Until she made the decision to change the story and take a different path.

Today, Cynthia is a leading expert in the field of transformational mindset work, the founder and CEO of the Institute of Transformational Nutrition (ITN), and the official nutritionist for the E! Network’s Revenge Body With Khloé Kardashian.

Dan Stickler Mickra Hamilton | Comeback Strong Summit | High Achievers University

Dr. Mickra Hamilton & Dr. Dan Stickler

Human Systems Designers

Leading a TRIBE of coaches, building a global business, and sharing their wealth of knowledge, while the world is burning around them is the challenge this husband and wife team put forth for themselves. They are the co-founders of the renowned Apeiron Center for Human Potential and the Apeiron Academy.

Dan is also the Medical Director for the Neuro-Hacker Collective and guest lecturer at Stanford University on Epigenetics. Mickra is a decorated retired Colonel and the Human Performance Subject Matter Expert in the United States Air Force Reserves.

Dawn Terwilliger | Comeback Strong Summit | High Achievers University

Dawn Terwilliger

Psychological Kinesiologist

Dawn is a Psychological Kinesiologist and Master Practitioner in Neurolinguistic Programming specializing in neurobiomechanics, hypnosis, and nutrigenetics. Studying health science for over 30 years and receiving a Bachelor of Science at the University of Colorado, Boulder, Dawn also utilizes cutting-edge technology for DNA analysis and epigenetics. Combining art with science for improving the environment around us and inside of us to enhance optimal performance, Dawn strives to get the most out of our bodies and minds on a daily basis.

James Arthur Ray Bersabeh Ray | Comeback Strong Summit | High Achievers University

James Arthur Ray & Bersabeh Ray

Empowerment Coach & Author

After rising to the top of the personal development industry, James was involved in a terrible tragedy that claimed the lives of three of his clients and landed him in prison for almost two years. Overnight his business and his life came crashing in.

True to his teachings, some 10 plus years later, James maintains an attitude of unbreakable resilience. And, is once again sharing his knowledge and wisdom with enlightenment seekers and entrepreneurs all over the world.

James and his amazing wife, Bersabeh share their incredible COMEBACK stories.

David Lyons | Comeback Strong Summit | High Achievers University

Keynote Speaker

David Lyons

Executive TV Producer & Founder MS Fitness Challenge

An ex-Marine, former bodybuilder, and health club owner, David exercised regularly and lived a healthy lifestyle. But In 2006, he was hospitalized and diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis at the age of 47. He was devastated by the diagnosis and frustrated by the physical limitations of his condition. His initial MS attack left him with partial paralysis, tightness, pain, and numbness in his extremities and back.

For the past 14 years, David has courageously battled the disease with exercise, nutrition, an unstoppable mindset, and a driving sense of purpose. Today, David leads the charge for the MS Fitness Challenge with thousands of participants worldwide. He’s changing lives and has changed his as a result.

Craig Ballantyne | Comeback Strong Summit | High Achievers University

Craig Ballantyne

Empowerment Coach & Author

You would never know it today, but early on, New York Times bestselling author of The Perfect Day Formula, Craig suffered from near debilitating anxiety.

Known today as the “The Worlds Most Disciplined Man” that discipline helped him overcome the fear and anxiety that threatened to derail any hope of success. His advice on becoming a high-performer in life and business has been featured in Men’s Health, GQ, and National Geographic magazines,, and

Craig opens up about what it takes to get past fear, doubt and anxiety and…

Jerry Gladstone | Comeback Strong Summit | High Achievers University

Jerry Gladstone

Success Coach & Author

Having built a multi-million-dollar, international art and memorabilia business with celebrity customers around globe along with wonderful loving family, Jerry was on top of the world. Then he was attacked. Not by an armed assailant but by the media, hell bend on bringing him down.

After a long, painful and financially draining battle, Jerry had to start over. This time as an author. Today, he is the #1 best selling author of The Common Thread in which he interviewed dozens of A-level celebs and athletes. His latest book, Old School Success For The Millennial Generation will be released this fall.

Ali Kats | Comeback Strong Summit | High Achievers University

Ali Katz

Money Strategist & Lawyer

Ali (a.k.a. Alexis Neely) is a lawyer, entrepreneur, CEO, founder, matriarch, and new economy personal finance expert. Ali has founded two successful companies but struggled for years with finding her own empowered identity.

Beyond bouts of depression and thoughts of suicide, her journey with psychedelics, internal healing work and self-care is one of inspiration. After coming back strong she now empowers others to live an extraordinary life.

Ali shares her up and down journey along with the mindset it took to reinvent herself and serve thousands.

Charles Rosa | Comeback Strong Summit | High Achievers University

Charles Rosa

UFC Fighter

Charles isn’t a writer, speaker, or coach. He’s a Performance of the Night award-winning UFC fighter. Someone who knows how to take a hit and get back in the fight.

Charles shares how, after losing both his two brothers to drug overdose he had to find a way of dealing with the most devastating loss of his life and not give up. He had to find a way to COMEBACK Strong.

Never regret taking chances, swinging hard, and chasing dreams because the only way you really lose is when you stop trying or don’t get back up.”

Chris Brogan | Comeback Strong Summit | High Achievers University

Chris Brogan

Business Story Coach & Author

Chris lost 90% of his business income during the disruption. As a business coach and consultant for some of largest brands in the world, including Disney, Coke, Google, GM, Microsoft, Coldwell Banker, Scotts, Humana, Cisco, and Sony USA, Chris’ business went on involuntary hold.

Chris has appeared on Dr. Phil, interviewed Richard Branson for Success magazine, Forbes named him as one of the, "Must Follow Marketing Minds of 2014" and listed his website as one of the 100 best websites for entrepreneurs. Yet, none of the experience or accolades, insured him against the devastation he was about to face. But he was prepared to rewrite the story and change the outcome.

John Rowley | Comeback Strong Summit | High Achievers University

John Rowley

Entrepreneur & Author

Having to be rushed to the hospital for emergency open heart surgery is never a good thing. When you’re a well known health and fitness guru it could be a career disaster. John survived the surgery, but it what happened after that almost killed him.

On the other side, today John is a best selling author, motivational speaker and the creator of #1 bestselling, Old School New Body fitness training system.

John shares is life changing story along with his experience with PTSD...

Debra Rouse | Comeback Strong Summit | High Achievers University

Dr. Debra Rouse

Holistic Practitioner

Debra has pushed herself in every aspect of her life. From marathons, to IronMan competitions, to mothering two teen daughters, to building a holistic regenerative medicine practice to authoring several books. She's an author, speaker, and naturopathic physician with extensive clinical experience in nutrition, botanical medicine, lifestyle medicine.

Debra also one half of the dynamic team of doctors with husband, James Rouse authors of the award-winning books, Colorado Fit Kitchen and Not Just for Diabetics.

Mitch Axelrod | Comeback Strong Summit | High Achievers University

Mitch Axelrod

Business Coach & Speaker

Mitch is a #1 best selling author, has delivered over 3500 seminars and workshops, trained over a million people and generated $3 billion in revenue for his clients including IBM, AT&T, and MetLIfe. His book, The New Game of Selling was an instant hit.

But that wasn’t enough to insulate himself against what was about to happen. Just as the pandemic disruption was hitting the rest of us, Mitch suffered a massive stroke. Then while in the hospital they discovered a large brain tumor that required multiple brain surgeries. 

On the recovery trail today, Mitch’s attitude and mindset is that of an unstoppable champion. Our interview took place while he was still in the hospital...

Francisca Figueroa Mix | Comeback Strong Summit | High Achievers University

Francisca Figueroa Mix

Somatic Psychotherapy

After a painful divorce, Francisca had to find a way to get back on her feet…quickly. With two young children to take care of she had no time for self-pity or indulgences. It was time to regroup, find the resources, and get back to helping and serving others. It was time to start he own business.

With a masters in Somatic Psychotherapy and Dance Movement Therapy all she needed was the self belief and some guts to serve at a higher level. One year later, Francisca is a massively successful Licensed Professional Counselor and Private Practice Consultant serving more people than she ever dreamed possible.

Dan Kuschell | Comeback Strong Summit | High Achievers University

Dan Kuschell

Business Growth Coach

Dan trained to be a professional baseball player and he was darn good. But his dream was shattered when he realized he was never going to be good enough. “If I’m not a baseball player than who the hell am I?” This was his big perplexing question. His challenge was not allowing the “I’ll never be good enough” mindset to infect the potential for what might be next and the ability to COMEBACK STRONG.

Today, Dan is recognized as one of the world’s leading Business Growth Coaches with clients spanning the globe.

Dan gives us an inside look at what it takes to create growth while keeping it simple…

Bree Argetsinger | Comeback Strong Summit | High Achievers University

Keynote Speaker

Bree Argetsinger

Fitness Influencer

Bree sat on a bench in the gym, hands trembling, voice shaking, and tears running down her face. Frustrated, discouraged and physically unable to continue down the path of her chosen career. On top of it all her body was rebelling on her; breakouts, belling boating, fatigue, and inflammation was destroying her energy and self-esteem.  She had no idea what she was going to do or how to change her circumstances.

It was from that place that she began to build a fitness empire. Today, Bree Argetsinger, a.k.a. Betty Rocker, is one of the most influential women in the on-line fitness industry.

Jason Sisneros | Comeback Strong Summit | High Achievers University

Jason Sisneros

Business Architect

Jason grew up in humble and abusive beginnings and had to scratch and claw his way out. Today, he is the business strategist for some of the most successful companies in the world.

He speaks to leave an impression and he changes lives by reaching into comfort zones and destroying them one word at a time. Jason is raw and real. So, if you’re looking for someone to hold your hand and tell you what you want to hear, he isn’t the guy. But you’ll leave with the passion, direction, and drive to achieve your outcomes and make real change in the world.

Brett Davis | Comeback Strong Summit | High Achievers University

Brett Davis

CEO & Editor-in-Chief of IQ Podcasts & Magazine

After living on the streets and eating out of a dumpster, how do you find your way back to a productive and healthy life? Brett not only “found his way back” but climbed to the top.

Today, he’s the host of the popular San Diego radio show, “Talk With Brett” on KCBQ of Salem Media. He’s also a two-time AAU Mr. Universe winner, kids book author, nutritionist, CEO of his own nutrition company, and podcast producer.

How he did it, will blow your mind and inspire your soul.

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