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Our Summit Speakers Have Been Featured In...

We’re Changing The Conversation From Uncertainty and Confusion to Hope, Courage, and Determination.

The COMEBACK STRONG Summit is the first online conference dedicated exclusively to the financial, emotional, and physical RECOVERY of those struggling to comeback from the “Pandemic Disruption.”

The Mission of the COMEBACK STRONG Summit is to provide inspiration as well as the tools, rules, and strategies needed to get beyond this disruption and get back into action in the pursuit of bigger dreams, goals, and ambitions.

We are Passionate About Improving Lives and Changing The Conversation.


Actor & Entrepreneur
Summit Speaker


Lawyer & Entrepreneur
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Estimate Reach: 850,000+

With 4,000 - 10,000 Registered

Over 22 experts of the world’s leading health, mindset, fitness, money, and relationships share their personal COMEBACK stories along with the tools, rules, and strategies for getting past this or any disruption.

Our Summit Speakers Have Been Featured In...

How Your Brand Can Be Part Of

  • The COMEBACK STRONG Virtual Summit provides the opportunity for far reaching global exposure.
  • The evergreen nature of the virtual summit creates ongoing exposure, not just during the event, but throughout the entire year.
  • Connecting your brand with some of the top authorities in the business, coaching, and influencer worlds will elevate your credibility.
  • Increase your social capital by linking your brand with a “do well by doing good cause.”
  • Giving back. The Summit is an awareness and fundraiser for the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline.

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Connect Your Brand with a Powerful Social Cause and a HUGE Online Audience.

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We can always create REACH, but creating reach with IMPACT isn’t as easy.

It requires alignment between product, prospect and cause. When you reach a prospective customer that likes your product but loves and respects your cause, it creates resonance and rapport.

We recognize that every single one of your marketing dollars is precious and that you must carefully pick and choose where you invest them. Investing in a cause that supports, educates, and respects the consumer while giving back is a long-term investment in your brand.

Make The COMEBACK STRONG Summit part of your brand investment.

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Tom Terwilliger

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where does my sponsorship investment go?

Social media marketing: 50%, Summit production launch team and online platform: 30%, Evergreen marketing 20%.

How do I pay the sponsor fee?

Easy. Click the NEXT STEP... button above and you will be directed to a page with more information and choice of payment options.

What kind of reach should I expect?

We anticipate between 4,000 and 10,000 registered participants and close to 500,000 Facebook ad reach. But, the real power is in the evergreen aspect of the virtual summit and could reach as many as 850,000+ interested viewers over the course of the year and beyond.

What if I want to contribute as a speaker?

All the speaker spots have been filled. However, at the Platinum and Gold sponsorship levels you have the option to co-host a branded Facebook Live Virtual Event Happy Hour on the COMEBACK STRONG Summit Facebook page. You can go presentation style or interview style for even more fun and interest. How cool is that?!

What happens if the event is delayed or canceled?

The only reason the COMEBACK STRONG Summit would not launch on the anticipated date or be canceled is as a result of an unforeseen act of God or force majeure. If that happens, we will either announce a new launch date (no later the 90 days from the original date) or refund the unused portion of the sponsor fee within 60 days.

What happens after I sign on as a sponsor?

You will immediately receive an email thanking you for your trust and commitment followed by your Sponsor Package. This will include all the information and links you need. As well as, all the information and brand marketing materials we need from you.

What if I’m not satisfied with the look of my sponsorship logo and placement.

You will provide the exact brand logo you want used. You will also have an opportunity to approve the majority of the marketing material associated with your brand before it is published.

When can I get started?

Right NOW. Choose your sponsor level and let’s get this summit started…together!


Make The COMEBACK STRONG Summit part of your brand investment

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